"I created OSEA Reading Enrichment Labels at least 3 years ago when I was assigned the position of Reading Interventionist at a  middle school Where I was formerly employed. Until that time ,  I did not realize how severe the 4 million word gap and reading deficits were in underprivileged communities . I knew that my students struggled , but I did not  realize how most of them missed out on basic reading foundation instruction. One day , I told a colleague, “Parents must not realize how much they can contribute their student’s readability at home.” I’m naturally a solutionist, so I created the labels for my students at the time , first. Then I created them for my OSEA kids .  It is my goal to empower parents with this product, reminding them who their child’s first teacher is.“ - Mr. OSEA

Why The Need.png
  • The Labels aid in Addressing the Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory Learning styles of your child.


  • They are colored-coded and sorted into categories by  word difficulty and language skill:

  • Creates an Opportunity for at-home interactive learning 

  • Creates and aids in the cultivation of a print-rich environment.


Set One Includes the Following Categories:    

Short Vowels

Vowel Pairs

Long Vowels

R-Controlled Words



Set Two  Includes the Following Categories:


Compound Words

Multisyllabic Words

Vowel Consonant E