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"Education Wherever, Education Whenever"

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Our Mission

OSEA, Onsite Education Anywhere is an educational consulting company dedicated to providing educational services for the on the go student. OSEA’s mission is to provide concierge educational services on a flexible schedule that motivates school-aged children to become lifelong learners, innovative thinkers, self-sufficient and independent leaders who will be change agents within the global community.


Our Client Base

With the slogan of “education wherever education whenever”, OSEA’s target clientele is child celebrities, children of celebrities, on the go businessmen, and affluent individuals, child professional athletes, child Broadway stars,  children with learning disabilities, and children needing a customized curriculum.  

Where Do We Provide Services? 

OSEA is consistent in our mission to provide educational services wherever and whenever is necessary for our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, movie/tv sets, homes, on tours, extended vacations, and virtually. Realizing that our clients, or the parents of our clients, lead busy, unconventional lives, OSEA is committed to being available to our clients 24/7 during hours, and at locations that are most beneficial to them.


OSEA coordinates all educational necessities for our clients. This could include subject-based/grade level tutoring, homeschooling, assessment preparation, special projects preparation, reading development instruction, college courses assistance, GED assessment practice, and public speaking assistance. A certified educator will be assigned to each client according to their expertise. 


Single Family Services

  • State Certified teacher dedicated to your child’s individualized learning needs            

  • Project-Based Learning  - Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.                                 

  • Customized /Interest-Based Learning - Assignments curated based on the personal interests of families and students 



  • Small-Group Settings  - Group not to extend beyond 10 (staff included).                                     

  •  Customized /Interest-Based Learning - Assignments curated based on the personal interests of families and students                                                    

  • Referral Incentives for Families- We offer incentives for each referral.                      

  • All participants must commit to CDC approved social distancing beyond the learning environment.  


OSEA Tutorial

  • Virtual and in-home tutoring sessions to help supplement and enhance what is taught at the child’s current educational institution.

  • Certified teaching instructors lead tutoring sessions.

"OnSite Education Anywhere got my baby reading."
- Clifford "T.I." Harris,
Entertainer and Entrepreneur
"If Only we would have started OSEA, when I was first made aware of OSEA. I Love it!."
-Tameka "Tiny" Harris,
Singer, Reality TV Star and Entrepreneur

Queen Naija,

Entertainer and Recording Artist

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